Won't You Join Us for Character Interviews?

Attention! Notice! May I have, take, garner your focus? The alien, Gideon Cyrus, and myself (the Dragon Galvistor) would love to interview other characters created by scribe's of stories/books/novels. Please contact either of our scribes that they may set up the interview. Wouldn't you like to have your character speak for himself, herself, itself here? Let the world hear their voices and a bit of their story, brought forth by the clever, superior, excellent interview abilities of a quizzical alien and loquacious Dragon.

If you haven't been keeping up with Gideon and moi in our interactions/chats/pithy discussions, then stroll down now and READ! S'for your own good...

Aliens Walk Among Us...

in the form of Gideon Cyrus, a shapeshifter who's chosen a skeptical ufologist named Hannah Morgan to help him save Earth. Barbara Romo has faithfully related their exploits in Undercover Alien, out now from Crescent Moon Press. Read Gideon's take on just about everything at http://www.acuriousalien.blogspot.com

Hatching new stories...

of speculative fiction is Sherri Godsey, the obedient scribe for a gaggle of talkative dragons from her new fantasy duology: The Dragons' Veil and The Dragons' Vision. The first book, The Dragons' Veil, is available for purchase at Readers Eden (just click on the link in the list to the left). The Dragons' Vision is coming soon from Writers Exchange E-Publishing. Galvistor discusses this and more (much more) at http://thewritingdragon.blogspot.com

Sunday, December 7, 2008

The Dragon Speaks...at last

Greetings. Ciao. Salutations. I am Galvistor, the lead Dragon in The Dragons' Veil and The Dragons' Vision. I didn't volunteer for the honor of that role; however, having read of my own exploits--actions, activities, deeds of 'daring do'!--I realized I owe it to the world to express myself in a broader venue. I mean, I am a thousand years old. I might be (perhaps, perchance, conceivably) more astute in regard to, well, the business of your world than many claim to be. Or not. And I feel a welling desire, yearning, need, aspiration to occasionally discuss aspects of my own world. The relativity of my input on such considerations as writing, politics, art, chit-chat, whatnot, is for you to judge, critique, review, evaluate. However, be kind in your comments. I am not without my senior moments. A thousand years, after all.

I have hired a scribe to pen my verbalization's. S'not as if I can hold a pen in claw and inscribe my thoughts myself. Pens are too small and my claws not small at all--although I did once dip the tip of one front claw into a well of ink in an endeavor to scratch my name upon a rock. Stone. Boulder. All right, it was a great siliceous slab thrusting from a high mountain side. I'm as environmentally conscious as the next Dragon and certainly didn't want my name scrawled for all eternity on the face of the world if the inscription was less than artistic. It turned out that one's claws are not functional for either art or communication. At least not peaceful communication. Fortunately, few will ever view the high reaches where my pathetic effort came to naught. Ah, well, even a Dragon has his limitations. Ergo, the scribe. Clerk. Journalist. Such a glare she gives me...very well, Writer. One who writes, authors, essays, spills the beans--although I don't partake of beans or peas or other small edibles and therefore do not anticipate giving my Writer the opportunity to spill anything.

There. The introduction is complete. Done. Finished. Ended. Is it an oxymoron to say it is an ended beginning? Oxymoron itself is, in my personal experience, a moronic phrase. I have spoken to many oxen prior to having them for dinner, and not one struck me as a moron. Slow, yes, not swift of wit, indeed, but there is much to be said for a beast of such perseverance, doggedness, resolution in its mindset. Were more Men blessed with that attitude, approach, state of mind, most assuredly the days would pass more smoothly and with greater accomplishment. In any case, I digress. I must contemplate for a few days the matters on which I'll choose to converse. Ah, a weighty enterprise.

Until I return...farewell. Goodbye. Adieu. Ciao.

Fangs (excuse my language) but what a marvelous word "ciao" is, which can be used for both greeting and taking one's leave! Now there is a thought worth thinking on.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Beginning the conversation

This blog is a concept still under construction and Barbara and I are working on it. Not all is in place yet, as is obvious upon viewing the page, but a beginning is a beginning, so...herein I begin.

Barbara is the author of Undercover Alien published by Crescent Moon Press. This cool 'otherworld' romance can be purchased from the Crescent Moon Press website, Amazon.com, or on her website at http://www.barbararomo.com/. Please feel free to visit there and browse, buy, or comment. I have completed a fantasy duology soon to be published by Writers Exchange E-Publishing. The Dragons' Veil and The Dragons' Vision will be available in a month or so (I hope) at Reader's Eden, Amazon.com, and on my website, which I am in the process of developing. Well, alright, it still exists only in my imagination, but it is at the top of my must be done list. I wanted to have at least one book cover to place there before I set it up and that, too, is in the works. I'll let everyone know when it (the website and/or the cover) is completed.

What Barbara and I intend via this blog is to introduce our characters and our interest in aliens (her) and Dragons (me) by having them do the posting here. We thought it would be fun, at least for us, and hopefully for you as well. If we have intermittent information to impart in regard to what we are personally up to, then our 'guest' bloggers will momentarily step aside to let us have our say. This will be carefully done and with all respect as those 'guests' can be a tad touchy. I don't know about aliens, but one does not interrupt Dragon chatter without due cause. At least not MY Dragons, for whom the spoken word is sacrosanct. Sacred. Revered. Untouchable (as the loquacious black Dragon, Galvistor, would add). They love words so much, they find it difficult to select the best one suited to the comment. They are perfectly comfortable raiding the thesaurus for every available choice, which they do not hesitate to share. Forgive their verbosity when they are posting.

Enjoy, and bear with us as we set up our schedules. Depending on who is free to chat, the voices herein will differ from one posting to the next...or not. Sometimes one or the other will have more free time and that is the one you will hear from at that point. Barbara and I both work around our writing, so free time is (like our words) sacrosanct.


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This Book Is Available--NOW!
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Cover for The Dragons' Vision (part II of The Dragons' Veil duology)

Cover for The Dragons' Vision (part II of The Dragons' Veil duology)
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A Dragon Writes
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Where our first interview took place

Where our first interview took place
Now really, does this look uncomfortable to you?

The coastal headland where we interviewed Cameron MacLeod

The coastal headland where we interviewed Cameron MacLeod
A wee bit windy, aye, but the Scotsman likened it to his home ground. I think his whatnots got plenty of airing, in spite of the restriction of pants. In any case, even such an old Dragon as I found it beautiful out there.